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Saint Louis Abbey Church hosted concerts by some of the most prominent international personalities of the organ world including legendary Marie Claire Alain, who played one of the inaugural gala concerts, Dame Gillian Weir, Anton Heiler and other famous Viennese organists: Peter Planyavsky, and Michael Radulescu. Some of the most notable American organists—Fred Hohman, Wolfgang Rubsam and Thomas Harmon—performed solo programs at our church. The common reason for all these people of fame to come to Saint Louis was the quality of the Hradetzky organ.

We should also add a few names of St. Louis musicians representative of a large number of local musicians who performed at the Abbey Church, either as soloists or chamber musicians:

Ronald Arnatt (the founder of the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus), Marie Kremer, Heather Cooper, faculty staff of Webster and Washington universities. Quite a few graduate students chose the Hredetzky organ to give concerts in fulfillment for their academic degrees. The Abbey Church was a location for several Organist Training Programs of the Saint Louis Archdiocese.

It is unfortunate that we do not have any audio documentations of these events. To my knowledge, there are only a handful of recordings documenting musical performances featuring the Abbey Church organ. Because of a scarcity of audio material, it is of particular importance to share some of these few recordings of the Hradetzky organ that we have to demonstrate the beauty of our instrument fully. The first recording features Bach's Toccata in F, BWV 540, a part of my recital given to benefit Saint Vincent de Paul Society, two following tracks come from a solo concert of French organist Pierre Perdigon given in 2009, and the last one featuring Girolamo Frescobaldi's Capriccio come from the Expressions and Prayers concert.

Inside Out Hradetzky Organ - Saint Louis Abbey Church - Missouri History Museum, Mac Mizuki Photography Studio Collection.

Andrzej Zahorski

Organ Recital to Benefit St. Vincent de Paul Society | Feb 2010

Pierre Perdigon, France

Organ Recital | April 2009

Pierre Perdigon, France

Organ Recital | April 2009

Expressions and Prayers

Music at The Abbey | October 2015

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