Hradetzky 50!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Saint Louis Abbey Organ

October 2017 — February 2018 — April 2018

Second Gala Concert

Many people retain an image of the pipe organ as a giant, projecting majestic power, and dominating the space around it, with the sheer volume of its thunderous sounds. While many magnificent instruments can match the description above, most pipe organs can also adopt sound characteristics that are the exact opposite: intimate, meek, and in consort with voices and other instruments. This second "personality" of the pipe organ makes it a perfect companion to vocal and instrumental ensembles, as our February 11 concert Heavenly Associate will demonstrate.

What is the deeper meaning of an important anniversary? Its essential function is reconnecting the history with the present. The process of exploring the richness of the past often leads us to a rediscovery of its often-forgotten value in our present time, and its potential for the future.

Why do we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hradetzky organ at the Saint Louis Abbey? The answer lies in a deeper understanding of the broader context. Here are some key elements:

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